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Urban Warrior 4x4


powerThe Urban Warrior is powered by the Ford 5.0 Coyote V8, featuring Twin independent Variable Camshaft Timing, which provides a broad torque curve and excellent fuel mileage, by constantly varying the camshaft timing to optimize the power and fuel economy. The Coyote engine produces 420hp@ 6500 rpm, and 390 ft/lbs torque at 4250 rpm. The Coyote V8 is a reliable, dependable engine, delivering years of trouble free service, with minimal servicing requirements.

For the ultimate V8 experience, we invite you to select one of the optional supercharged engine packages. The first upgrade produces an impressive 605HP. Employing the patent-pending Sean Hyland Motorsport supercharger, the TVS blower combined with improved intake technology, a heat exchanger and intercooler, provides a reliable and 40% boost to the stock output on premium fuel, with remarkable fuel economy. Ample power for highway acceleration, towing or off-roading. Forged steel connecting rods and forged aluminum pistons, a billet oil pump, and a larger capacity oil pan ensure years of reliable service. Or step up the performance even further to our king of the hill 700 HP engine option with the ultra-high performance upgrade.

superchargerComplementing the Coyote engine, is a matching Ford automatic transmission, and electronic shift transfer case, for quick and easy shift on the fly transitions between 2 wheel drive and four wheel drive. The transmission and transfer case have been engineered to withstand both the powerful engine options and the extreme off road capability of the Urban Warrior.

Or choose the manual shift option, the T56 six speed manual transmission package with twin disc clutch, triple cone synchronizers, and a billet short throw shifter, the driving experience is amazing, like a sports car on steroids.

Massive 6 piston front brakes, combined with upgraded wheels and tires, plus heavy duty axles and differentials are supplied standard with the Urban Warrior, to match the increased power.

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